Another year older!


They say with age comes maturity. I don’t know about that. To be mature you have reached the most advanced stage of a process, or are fully developed. I don’t think we EVER reach this point. Although we technically are fully grown by our late teens, we never really stop developing. We go through various stages of transformation throughout our life span. And this is pretty darn exciting because it means there’s room for growth!

It is my birthday today and I have had a few people comment on my age, especially when they find out that I am 37. Well, at least those who are older than me. I don’t know if they thought I was older due to our kids being a similar age, or if I look older than what I am. It is as if they suddenly feel older. I would hate to think that my age might affect someone in a negative way! I usually never say my age and often just refer to myself as ‘a few years short of 40’.

But today is different. Today I embrace that I turned 37. That I am 1 year older. That I am content with my life. That I am in love with life. That it took me 37 years to be in a position to say “c’est la vie”. That I am not afraid of a number. That everyday, good or bad, is a blessing. That I am me.

That’s life, come what may!


Day 58 27 February – pay if forward

The concept of paying it forward is something that I value. I think I might have done it several times without realizing it as I LOVE giving without expecting anything in return. You do it because your soul has a desire to help, give, provide and please. But when you (or someone you love) receives something for no reason at all, a pay-it-forward moment, it fills you with hope that we are still surrounded by goodness and kindness.


My daughter has made friends with the lady who works in the florist here at the shopping centre where our one shop is. Every time she is here she pops into the florist to say hallo and also look at the beautiful, and often exotic, flower displays. Today when my daughter walked passed and waved to her, she called her in and handed her a bunch of while lilies. She said that instead of throwing them out (as they are not ‘pretty’ anymore to use in a bouquet) she would rather give them to her because she knows they will last a few more days. My daughter came walking into the shop in tears of appreciation. She couldn’t believe that someone would do such a thoughtful act of kindness.

I teach my children to be selfless, to rather give than wanting to receive, to always be polite, smile and help where it is needed. It is a lovely surprise when you witness them being on the receiving end of such a philosophy.