Day 110 20 April – chasing rainbows


Today my daughter and I saw the most beautiful rainbow right above our house and we couldn’t help but think of loved ones who are not longer with us.

I remember my uncle Harry who drowned in the rough seas of Kwazulu-Natal on 23 December 2000. My oupa who passed away in May 2005 from deteriorating health conditions. My ouma who passed away in 2010 from a heart disease. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend her funeral as we didn’t have the finances for me to fly back to South Africa. I was heart broken and felt terribly guilty. I remember my uncle Dawie who committed suicide in May 2013 and left behind a wife and two sons. And we remember Erin, my daughter’s one rhythmic gymnastics coach who passed away February of last year from cancer.

Rainbows evoke memories but also represents rejuvenation of all things broken.

Chasing rainbows

Rejuvenate the soul

Fill our hearts with desire

Embracing hopeful adventures.



Day 108 18 February – shining sky


Just when I thought today was going to be an ordinary day with work, gymnastics, mum taxi, nature puts on a show.

How mesmerizing are these clouds. They cover the autumn blue sky like a woven blanket with the sun piercing through desperate to reach earth so that its occupants can enjoy the last few sunrays before sunset.

I was suddenly overwhelmed by my surroundings and an immense sense of gratitude.

May your sky be shining bright today.


Day 105 15 April – beachy


I would say one of the reasons I love living in Auckland would be the accessibility to some of the most beautiful beaches and bays. They are literally right at your doorstep.

Today was a thriller of a day at the shop. Probably one of our most busiest days yet. Around 4pm my body hit a slump and I went brain numb. I literally couldn’t think anymore. Helping customers felt like a daze, when they talk to you but you struggle to comprehend what they are saying or are asking for. I can’t remember when last I felt this tired.

So the thought of joining my family at a friends beach barbecue was not an exciting one. All I wanted to do was go home, eat and sleep. Arriving at the venue, Cockle Bay beach reserve, and my spirit lifted slightly. My son was playing rugby with the boys and my daughter was walking on the beach with a friend. The sun was setting, and even with a cool breeze outside it was pleasant to be outside. My head cleared and all I could think of was food!

After dinner my husband and I took a walk on the beach. The tide was out and if you wanted too you could wonder a hundred metres or so out. We stayed on the shore as I took photos. It was calming.

We didn’t stay for much longer afterwards but the hour I was there was enough to fill me with gratitude and peace.

Nature sure has a miraculous snowball effect on me.

Day 96 6 April – moth drawn to a flame

Today was another blink-and-it’s-over kind of day. And in the rush of it all I left my phone on charge at the shop and couldn’t load my original photo of the day. While driving home tonight my daughter was distraught that there might not be a photo of the day. She insisted that I have to use one of the many devices at home and take a photo of something, anything.


So here’s a moth on the kitchen wall.

A little bit random.

Day 87 28 March – dawn

Today the kids have an outdoor adventure awaiting them as they are going snorkelling at Goat Island. They had to be at school by day break as the bus trip is approximately 2 1/2 hours. On my way back home from dropping them off, the sun was just peeking over the hills. Have you notices how soft yet striking the first sunrays are when it hits earth? It highlighted our trees that stand tall along our driveway and I couldn’t drive past with out taking some photos. It is obvious how the garden is taking shape, changing from summer to autumn. I walked around the garden a little while longer and saw some interesting seed pods forming. Everything seemed fresh and ready for the day ahead.


Nature is truly inspirational.