Day 132 12 May – skullz


We found ourselves in Auckland Britomart again, after a train journey to watch a local rugby match. My husband received free tickets from work and not having much to do, we decided to make a night of it.

I particularly liked the advertisement placed cleverly on these stairs. Not only is it quite striking, dark and mysterious, but with hundreds (if not thousand) of people coming into Britomart on a daily basis, it certainly makes a specific statement…GO TO THE MOVIES SOON!

It is certainly on my to-do-list this May.


Day 104 14 April – F8

Good Friday and the start of Easter weekend.


Today we took the kids to see an early evening movie at Event Cinemas. The kids watched Beauty and the Beast and my husband and I watched Fast are die heart fans of the Fast & Furious movies. Yes it is a wee bit over the top action but it is entertaining and we can’t look past the cars, or at least my husband can’t. I think he secretively has a man-crush on Vin Diesel…I know I do 😉

We kids went off to see Beauty and the Beast. That is a movie I still want to watch. It has always been a childhood favourite of mine and I’m sure that today’s special effects will make the Beast seem all to realistic.

Going to the movies is something I value. Obviously over the years it has become an expensive exertion for a family of 4, but it still remains a great time out. As a younger child my parents never went to the movies with us. To be honest I think we dragged my dad to the cinemas one time and one time only. By the age of 12 I was allowed to go to the movies with my friends. Mum would drop me off and pick me up strictly as soon as the movie is finished. Some of the movies I remembered are Aladdin (I still went on a date to watch it), The Lion King, Jurassic Park, and all of the Mighty Ducks movies. My friends were a strange and rowdy bunch. We were your typical 90’s gang, no care in the world and finding fun in everything we do. Meeting up at the cinemas was one of the treasured times spend together.

Warm buttery popcorn, sparkling coke and sweet chocolate M&M’s.




Day 56 25 February – cinema under the stars


We didn’t have any plans for this evening as both my husband and I worked today. But we were invited to attend Movies in the Park at Beachlands with my son’s friend and his family. The clouds looked a bit gloomy so we decided we will play it by ear and depending on the weather we will go.

Several trips needed to be made before we arrived at 7:30pm. The sun will only set in a another hours time so we made ourselves comfortable in camping chairs, ate some sosaties, caught up with our friends and my husband took the kids in hand and bought them all ice cream. It was finally dark enough for the movie to be shown on the outdoor big screen, The Secret Life of Pets. I need to confess that I am a HUGE animated movie fan. I ‘chaperone’ my kids to the cinemas only because I don’t want to miss out. My son sat on my lap, all cuddled up underneath the warm blanket.

At some point an aeroplane flew over the venue, and when I looked up, the night sky caught my attention. The dark clouds from earlier are gone and what is left is a crisp clear twinkling sky. I could clearly make out The Hunter with Orion’s Belt. It was so tranquil and I might have lost a minute or two merely taking in my blessings. How fortunate we are to have friends, security, love and acceptance.

Oh, and I SO love Snowball and his rebellious revolution.