Day 150 30 May – open day


And so the search for a High School begins. As a parent you know the day is looming especially once they enter intermediate schooling, but I don’t think anything can prepare you for the ultimate decision making.

In New Zealand most schools are zoned. Now usually you will fall within a schools’ zoning, but it just so happens that we do not fall within ANY zone! All the nearest High Schools literally by-pass us with less than 1 km and the only other public High School which does not have a zone unfortunately has a bad reputation and is not a school we would want her to attend.

We are in the midst of filling out application upon application for an out of zone student. Once all the in zone students have applied, the school then looks at if they can accommodate more students. If they can then they open the out of zone applications but this occurs within a ballot, which basically means they randomly pick a name. Some schools might have less than 20 places available from approximately 100 applicants.

Open Day visits are on the agenda for the next 2 months.