Day 170 19 June – hawain burger


Nothing beat digging into this tasty burger the Monday after a cray-cray weekend.

There is a dairy and bakery at the corner of the street from my parents’ shop. The owners are so friendly and lovely, always asking how we are doing and how the kids are. We are clearly regular visitors 🙂 And they make the best fries with sour cream and bacon!

Magies vol, ogies toe.

Day 148 28 May – dessert date

Tonight we had a girls night out with my daughter’s best friend and her mother. The girls had been very excited to go into the city and visit Milse dessert bar. We took the train into Britomart (I know, again) and took about 15 minutes to find the dessert which was less than a 5 minute walk away. I blame Google maps!

Milse is a very small and quint contemporary eatery, with less than 4 tables indoors yet they have an incredible selection of desserts. We gawked at the display cases with the colorful array of what I can only call pretty, elegant, sophisticated. Each dessert is hand crafted, with unique flavors. From assembled chocolates, gateaux, verrines, tarts and macaroons to their world famous gelato sticks.

Obviously we wanted to sample everything, so we cleverly decided to each get at least 1 dessert, place it in the middle of the table then we can all have a taste. My daughter and I took 2 dessert each (honestly, you have no idea the sweet tooth we have!) which means we had 6 plates to share.

I might have given a soft squeal when the desserts arrived. Each armed with a spoon, we ate to our hearts content. The portions are big enough to comfortably finish a small plate and by the end of my second helping I can say I certainly had enough sweetness for the day.


We left the dessert bar not hungry but in need of food, but more in particular, burgers. Around the corner from Milse is yet another small eatery called Better Burger. Their menu is limited, but this does not take away from the quality of food you receive. All the produce is fresh, and the burgers are juice and tasty. Myself and my friend had the vegetarian burger, which is a giant Portobello mushroom lightly coated in a crumb, fried and served on lettuce, tomato and sauce. The girls each had a beef burger and as to my daughter’s reputation, included a meal (served with chips and a drink). she not only finished her meal, but was offered the last few bites of her friend’s, which she finished too.

Literally rolling out of the eatery, we took a leisurely stroll around Britomart. The city with its lights is by far one of my favorite places to be at. The lanes are all adored with fairy lights which made for great photo opportunities. It was relaxed night out, one we desperately in need of.


Day 71 12 March – road trippin



Today is the day we get to see our lovely and dearest friends, the Duckitts! They were the first family we met and became household friends with after arriving in New Zealand and settling in a small town called Cambridge. They are, coincidentally, also South African but we can’t be more different. We are a white family from central South Africa, and they are a coloured family from Cape Town. Our upbringing are worlds’ apart, we don’t understand their slang and their is a big gap in our cultural food experiences. They have a stronger Malaysian influence and as they live by the sea, fresh fish and seafood is something they grew up with.

We haven’t seen them much since we moved to Auckland, but we do try to get together at least once a year. We headed South late morning and a sense of excitement filled the car. The kids couldn’t wait to see their old primary school again and I was curious to see how much the roads and buildings have changed as there are developments within the transport industry. It is a short 2 hour drive and before we knew it we were back in our home town. There is a typical Sunday afternoon buzz about the place. People out doing grocery shopping for the week ahead, others dressed up for having their Sunday lunch at the local restaurants, church car parks full with attendance and children riding bicycles outside on the walkways.

Our visit was as if we never left. Laughter, catching up on the latest family news, the boys playing, sharing a meal, and more laughter. They are the type of people who leave you in a good mood regardless of how you felt prior to your meeting. They are the decent, kind, loving people this world needs more of. After our good-byes we stopped at the kids’ first primary school. It is a small rural, and at the time there were only 50 students. They have since grown into a much larger school and added an additional 2 classrooms and a new office. The kids surely had some good memories from this little school but they have thrived since we moved.


On our way we realised that we didn’t plan or prepare anything for dinner on the road. We stopped at BP Bombay as it is a popular resting-fuelling-up-the tanks-filling-empty-tummies place. We had dinner at what can only be described as a more traditional diner, called Autobahn. It reminded me of the type of eating places we had as children while making our 8 hour journey to the coast for the summer holiday.

I was excited with the prospect of having a burger, fries and a creaming soda milkshake. I haven’t ordered a milkshake from an eating place in ages! We took our seats in a quiet area of the diner and had a few minutes to relax before our food arrived. It was a pleasant way to end our evening: tummies full and on our way home.

Nostalgia, I love it!