Day 133 13 May – fettuccine

Tonight we have one of my daughter’s oldest and dearest friends over. They met as eager 6 year olds wanting to learn more of a sport they both grew to love, rhythmic gymnastics. They both joined the same club, started out in the recreational group, and moved their way up. We moved away from our small town and gymnastics club at the end of December 2012, where we joined our current club in Auckland. Her friend, who still stays in the same town, made the move to join our club (1 1/2 hours drive away) almost 2 years ago. This is why I encourage sport with both my children. Great memories are created with amazing and often life long friends. You learn to get along during difficult and hard times. You celebrate each other’s successes and provide a shoulder to cry on when injuries hinder your performance.


My daughter is a keen cook and currently has food technology presented as a subject. Tonight, with the help of her gym buddy, they created this lovely dish! A little bit of everything else, mixed up and served with love.

Mamma mia.