Day 147 27 May – gone fishing


My family discovered a new bonding activity…fishing. Although it is not the best time of year to sit outside for hours on end by the waters, they decided to give it a go.

My son received a fishing reel for free. He was SO excited as he had always wanted to try fishing. Today was the first time they went fishing and all three of them used the one reel, taking turns.  There is a lovely spot out at Kawakawa Bay. They were on the pier for several hours and I was certainly impressed that my son was interested enough to not start complaining  or wanting to go home. They only arrived early evening, with new memories and stories to tell.

I do not share their excitement for this activity but am grateful for the time they get to spend, away from technology and indoors cave living/.

Day 134 14 May – mother’s day dessert

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL the amazing mommies out there!

All I ever want is:

  • to have a sleep in (I wake up SUPER early so to be in bed anytime after 7am is a winner in my eyes)
  • breakfast in bed and by that I do mean a warm cooked meal, more specifically eggs benedict
  • flowers, any flowers!

I do appreciate any gifts from my family but it certainly isn’t what is important to me. Being with them, relaxing and enjoying a ‘day off’ is what me heart yearns for.

Today I was able to lie in bed for some time before being asked to join my husband and the kids in the dining room. Spread across the dining room table were presents, lots of them! None of them wrapped, no surprises there. From a large white porcelain container to keep the flour in, to a new re-usable piping bag with nozzles from Jamie Oliver, to a ramekin set with blow torch (a hint that they want me to make more crème brulee), to a blue canvas print with a love quote on it…oh and chocolates, how can I forget about the chocolates. I felt so spoiled! These were all such thoughtful and practical gifts. I was overwhelmed by their generosity!


The afternoon was spend with my parents, where I was able to spoil my mom with gifts and a home baked dessert. Mom loves a baked pudding so I made a Feijoa & Apple Crumble as that is what I know how do to best.


Day 126 6 May – Nala


No, not the lioness from The Lion King, but worthy of the name none the less. Nala is my good friend’s dog. She is a rescue, a pit-bull cross and an absolute darling. My friend and her 2 boys were looking for a new family member after they lost their beloved family dog a few years ago. Unfortunately the laws in New Zealand now prohibits pit bull dogs to be adopted due to their ‘violent’ nature. My friend was very fortunate to have met Nala at a time when these laws were still in discussion. Nala came from a harsh background where she received no human interaction, was kept outside and probably seen as a guard dog. She is anything but! She is the first to meet you at the door with kisses galore. She is still young and is learning, but she believes that all visitors are there for her entertainment. She LOVES her belly rubs and is very active. My friend takes her on walks twice a day. She is highly inquisitive and wants to make friends with anything and everything that moves. She is the type of dog I yearn for.

I for one am an advid supporter of rescued dogs. If you find the best suitable dog for you and your family they honestly make the best pets. They have so much love to give and thrive on attention. They often require additional training and patience but they are absolutely worth it. It is as if they are thankful for the opportunity to receive a second (sometimes multiple) chance of a loving home.

*Nala is sometimes listed as being a feminine name of African origin and meaning “beloved”*

Day 125 5 May – companionship

I have a previous post on our lovable pet Bella. She is a hand-raised cockatiel but acts just like one of the humans occupying the house.

We have had some really cold autumn evenings the past week so we moved her into our room at night where it is warm and cosy. During the day she is on her own in a huge cage in the dining room, with no one to talk to or listen to her so it is no wonder that the minute we walk into the house she starts calling. She doesn’t really like other birds as such as she is petrified by anything that flies by the window but she does react when she ‘hears’ them particularly other cockatiels.


Today my daughter played Bella some YouTube clips of male cockatiels singing and/or calling and she responded. We can’t tell whether her response is from interest or distress but she replies the same way when she hears my husband.

Now all my son wants is to get a boy cockatiel so that they can have babies…oh dear!

Day 85 26 March – bella


Our only pet (if you don’t count our only surviving chicken as one), is a hand-raised cockatiel named Bella. We bought Bella approximately 6 years ago when she was merely a few months old. She is our first pet since we immigrated. Well kinda. My daughter did get a goldfish for her 5th birthday from my sister, but Goldie lived a full 6 months before she went to goldfish heaven. We gave her a full burial and service as per my daughter’s request.

Bella adores my husband. I have never seen a bird bond with a human as much as she does with him. Growing up my mom always had canaries and budgies, but apart from singing and/or screeching all day long, they were not tame and never came out of their cage. So seeing Bella be almost human-like is such a treat. She’s in her cage during the night and when we are not home, but other than that she is out. She owns the living areas, the large coach is her private grooming facility and the cushions her bed. We all know when my husband comes home because the minute she hears his car door open she starts chirping, LOUDLY. And when he walks in, she comes running (literally) to greet him. When he moves, she moves. When he eats, she eats. She is very curious and when she hears a potato chip bag crinkle or popcorn being munched, she comes over to steal some. She also hides from anything that moves outdoors, usually behind the dining room table legs.

She is so very special to us all, and we couldn’t imagine our household without her.

Day 74 15 March – home


Home sweet home!

I bought this painted wooden sign while at the Silo markets in January. During the weekend I finally put it up, and it is one of the first things you see when you walk into our home.

Our house is definitely not a showcase home, but can at times be neat and tidy. The gardens, which we have too many of, is un-kept, things which I don’t have names for grows wildly and our “veggie” patch is a breeding ground for weeds. Our home itself is sometimes not a liveable place either. We have too many rooms and not enough packing space. I have been meaning to start a cleaning roster for EVERYONE in the house to receive chores which needs to be completed during the week.

We are currently still renting and I know it can be emotional to think back that 10 years ago we were home owners. We literally gave up everything to immigrate, but selling and moving on was essential to break all material ties to our home country. We had a large house, and a big corner section and we had plans for extending and changing the house. The kids would have grown up in that house, and it would have secured us a financial investment as a stepping stone to move up in the property market. But all those dreams came to a sudden halt when we decided to leave. I don’t think my head had enough time to make sense of it all. We put a lot of time and effort into re-doing the kitchen cupboards, painting and making the house look presentable to buyers. We had 2 unsuccessful open homes, until a lady came knocking on our door with an offer to purchase the house. From the time the offer came in and we sold, it couldn’t have been more than two weeks. We packed with the help of our amazing friends, kept our household goods that we didn’t sell in storage and moved in with my parents for 2 months before we flew out. Once we arrived in New Zealand we stayed with my sister and her family for 2 months before we moved into our first rental property.

I don’t regret immigrating, not for a second, but it would be nice to walk into a building that you know is yours to keep.

Home is where the heart is, and mine is just a little bit messy at the moment.