Day 161 10 June – ouma’s chocolate jar

My mother always had a glass cookie jar at home, filled with an assortment of cookies with one of my favourite being the chocolate coated digestives. I remember as a child how my sister and I tried to sneak cookies from this jar, mastering the camouflage sound effects of coughing to hide the clanging of the glass jar lid as we carefully placed it back. You know you were unsuccessful when your attempt is followed by “Anli…Joy…sit die koekies terug!”


Now my mom has a chocolate jar, where all the birthday and Christmas chocolates are stored. Today I taught my daughter the skilful act of camouflage coughing while we tried to sneak chocolates, but it ended up in laughter and we were caught out.



Day 147 27 May – gone fishing


My family discovered a new bonding activity…fishing. Although it is not the best time of year to sit outside for hours on end by the waters, they decided to give it a go.

My son received a fishing reel for free. He was SO excited as he had always wanted to try fishing. Today was the first time they went fishing and all three of them used the one reel, taking turns.  There is a lovely spot out at Kawakawa Bay. They were on the pier for several hours and I was certainly impressed that my son was interested enough to not start complaining  or wanting to go home. They only arrived early evening, with new memories and stories to tell.

I do not share their excitement for this activity but am grateful for the time they get to spend, away from technology and indoors cave living/.

Day 109 19 April – brekkie

Today is my dad’s 64th birthday. He is certainly one of the most hard working people I know, and the worlds’ worst procrastinator. He leaves everything for the last minute which drives my mother (and us girls) insane! But we love him for who he is, and almost more so who he has become.

Since becoming a grandfather 15 years ago he has changed for the better. His firstborn grandchild definitely had a calming effect on him and 4 grandchildren later he is a great granddad. He doesn’t do as much with them as he did with us when we were younger, but he has patience, he speaks lovingly to them and always has an open arm for warm hugs. He still has his moods, his outbursts, sometimes drinks a bit too much, but he loves his family and we love him for that.


This morning it was only my son and myself at home for breakfast. I had some over ripe bananas in the fruit bowl and a bag of freshly bought feijoas. I found a 1/4 of a bag of frozen berries and chucked them all in with white chocolate bits to make scrummy mini breakfast muffins. They were a small mouthful of flavour.

Who needs a fancy café when mamma D is baking 🙂

Day 104 14 April – F8

Good Friday and the start of Easter weekend.


Today we took the kids to see an early evening movie at Event Cinemas. The kids watched Beauty and the Beast and my husband and I watched Fast are die heart fans of the Fast & Furious movies. Yes it is a wee bit over the top action but it is entertaining and we can’t look past the cars, or at least my husband can’t. I think he secretively has a man-crush on Vin Diesel…I know I do 😉

We kids went off to see Beauty and the Beast. That is a movie I still want to watch. It has always been a childhood favourite of mine and I’m sure that today’s special effects will make the Beast seem all to realistic.

Going to the movies is something I value. Obviously over the years it has become an expensive exertion for a family of 4, but it still remains a great time out. As a younger child my parents never went to the movies with us. To be honest I think we dragged my dad to the cinemas one time and one time only. By the age of 12 I was allowed to go to the movies with my friends. Mum would drop me off and pick me up strictly as soon as the movie is finished. Some of the movies I remembered are Aladdin (I still went on a date to watch it), The Lion King, Jurassic Park, and all of the Mighty Ducks movies. My friends were a strange and rowdy bunch. We were your typical 90’s gang, no care in the world and finding fun in everything we do. Meeting up at the cinemas was one of the treasured times spend together.

Warm buttery popcorn, sparkling coke and sweet chocolate M&M’s.




Day 100 10 April – plat

Photo number 100!

Our morning rituals are frantic. Even though I am up by 6:30am I don’t seem to get myself nor the kids ready on time to leave home by 8:30am. And my daughter has a habit of asking me to do her hair 10 minutes before we have to leave.


Today however we managed to have some time to sit and spend a few moments doing each other’s hair. My daughter patiently put my hair into a plat and I made a fish plat for her. Years of managing her long hair has turned me into a master of quick plats and buns. But it was calming having her take the reigns and do something for me.

I remember how I use to sit on the floor in front of my mothers’ chair while she French platted my very curly and unruly hair for gymnastics competitions. I don’t think she enjoyed it and it certainly wasn’t calming with my hair being pulled, grabbed, tucked, twisted and finally tied, then sprayed into place as we can’t have a wondering strain of hair appear during a risky beam routine. But what I did find soothing was my mother taking the time to do my hair. Just a few minutes spend either in silence or having a quick chat about the day ahead.

Technology has changed since my day, and this morning we took selfies while she did my hair.

Precious moments.

Day 71 12 March – road trippin



Today is the day we get to see our lovely and dearest friends, the Duckitts! They were the first family we met and became household friends with after arriving in New Zealand and settling in a small town called Cambridge. They are, coincidentally, also South African but we can’t be more different. We are a white family from central South Africa, and they are a coloured family from Cape Town. Our upbringing are worlds’ apart, we don’t understand their slang and their is a big gap in our cultural food experiences. They have a stronger Malaysian influence and as they live by the sea, fresh fish and seafood is something they grew up with.

We haven’t seen them much since we moved to Auckland, but we do try to get together at least once a year. We headed South late morning and a sense of excitement filled the car. The kids couldn’t wait to see their old primary school again and I was curious to see how much the roads and buildings have changed as there are developments within the transport industry. It is a short 2 hour drive and before we knew it we were back in our home town. There is a typical Sunday afternoon buzz about the place. People out doing grocery shopping for the week ahead, others dressed up for having their Sunday lunch at the local restaurants, church car parks full with attendance and children riding bicycles outside on the walkways.

Our visit was as if we never left. Laughter, catching up on the latest family news, the boys playing, sharing a meal, and more laughter. They are the type of people who leave you in a good mood regardless of how you felt prior to your meeting. They are the decent, kind, loving people this world needs more of. After our good-byes we stopped at the kids’ first primary school. It is a small rural, and at the time there were only 50 students. They have since grown into a much larger school and added an additional 2 classrooms and a new office. The kids surely had some good memories from this little school but they have thrived since we moved.


On our way we realised that we didn’t plan or prepare anything for dinner on the road. We stopped at BP Bombay as it is a popular resting-fuelling-up-the tanks-filling-empty-tummies place. We had dinner at what can only be described as a more traditional diner, called Autobahn. It reminded me of the type of eating places we had as children while making our 8 hour journey to the coast for the summer holiday.

I was excited with the prospect of having a burger, fries and a creaming soda milkshake. I haven’t ordered a milkshake from an eating place in ages! We took our seats in a quiet area of the diner and had a few minutes to relax before our food arrived. It was a pleasant way to end our evening: tummies full and on our way home.

Nostalgia, I love it!