Day 125 5 May – companionship

I have a previous post on our lovable pet Bella. She is a hand-raised cockatiel but acts just like one of the humans occupying the house.

We have had some really cold autumn evenings the past week so we moved her into our room at night where it is warm and cosy. During the day she is on her own in a huge cage in the dining room, with no one to talk to or listen to her so it is no wonder that the minute we walk into the house she starts calling. She doesn’t really like other birds as such as she is petrified by anything that flies by the window but she does react when she ‘hears’ them particularly other cockatiels.


Today my daughter played Bella some YouTube clips of male cockatiels singing and/or calling and she responded. We can’t tell whether her response is from interest or distress but she replies the same way when she hears my husband.

Now all my son wants is to get a boy cockatiel so that they can have babies…oh dear!


Lavender companions

The sounds of grounding coffee beans, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the slice of cake (ANY CAKE) being placed in front of me, hearing the chatter of vibrant women behind me, seeing the smiling faces of my dearest friends opposite me, and knowing that I am welcomed – that is what I think of when I hear the word lavender. Not the flower, but the atmosphere of being surrounded by my closest friends in a quint coffee shop called Lavender Cottage.

My lavender companions and I first met during our first year of university. We are all of different ages (me being the oldest), different backgrounds, different schools even. We were in various stages of our life: one was engaged and planning her wedding, some were in stable relationships, others single. But we clicked! How, when and where I can’t recall, but we did. One-by-one we ended up in the same study groups, or got invited to attend another’s church service, birthday parties, kitchen teas and secret coffee shop visits. I was still struggling with bulimia during the time that we met. I have had several relapses during those 3 years of our under-graduate studies. My illness wasn’t a secret to them, but off course I carried the burden of my relapses, often feeling like a miserable failure. But that’s the beauty of friendship, REAL friendship: we accept each other’s flaws, we tolerate the bad days because we look forward to the good ones, and we talk, laugh, cry, celebrate each other’s successes and share life events.

I no longer live nearby, to be honest I live 11,554km away from them! Our friendship however lingers on, mainly through social media. My love and adoration for them is still as strong as what it was 8 years ago when I left my home country. The urge of wanting to buy a plane ticket back home just to meet up at Lavender Cottage is taunting me! The absence of my lavender companions in my life is numbing.

The reason for this entry is that one of my lavender companions has been on my mind lately. She is usually the coffee-drinking-cake-eating instigator. She has had a really challenging time lately, and seeing as I can’t physically be with her, I dedicate this to her:

Dionne Warwick – That’s What Friends Are For