Day 145 25 May – autumn palette

As the sun start to set earlier, we have some of the most breathtakingly beautiful sunsets late afternoon. Today was no different.


We have a long driveway and a row of large trees that soldier beside it. All these trees loose their leaves during autumn so the array of colors that radiant from each individual leave when the sunrays touches them is mesmerizing. Each leave is a different shade of orange, red, auburn, copper, yellow. I stood underneath one of the trees and at every angle a different part of the tree lit up.

An artists dream.


Day 119 29 April – hipster hippies

My husband and I were invited to his work mates wife’s 40th birthday party. The theme: 70’s and yes it’s a dress-up.

I don’t mind dressing up. It is the preparations that I don’t often have time for that bothers me. I certainly didn’t want to unnecessarily spend money on buying our outfits as these dress-up kits can easily cost $20 plus per outfit. I decided to instead purchase 2 white t-shirts from The Warehouse and 1 packet of tie-dye and create do-it-yourself tie-dye shirts. The dye cost me $4 and the shirts were $5 each.


I had some time to spare during dinner the previous night to quickly tie-dye the shirts. I strategically tied elastic bands around selected sections of the shirts. The dye powder was dissolved in 3.75L of steaming hot water, the shirts inserted and stirred for a short while before leaving it to soak for approximately 45 minutes. Afterwards I rinsed them thoroughly with cold water and put them in the washing machine on a rinse only cycle. I removed the elastic bands and hanged the shirts to dry overnight. We were pleasantly surprised with the outcome and would most likely be wearing the shirts on a casual basis.

The night itself was pleasant. We didn’t really know anyone there but we made the most of our time. My husband even went into a photo booth with me and we have 4 fun and funky photos to show for it!

Peace, love and prosperity to you all.

Day 95 5 April – school’s out

I don’t know if any of you heard of cyclone Debbie that struck Australia towards the end of March. She left destruction and lost lives as she crossed over and unfortunately New Zealand lied in her path. The central and lower north island was hit the hardest. The ground is already very saturated after the floods we had recently so it honestly doesn’t take much for roads to flood again. Houses were evacuated in certain towns and road damage due to slips and floods occurred.

We received notice from the school this morning that due to the worsening weather condition there will be no school which means the kids came to work with me. We were able to access our road from the top as the bottom was completely closed off. It rained heavily during the day and there wasn’t much for the kids to do. My daughter played shop assistant and my son was glued to the computer screen. They each had a turn to lick out the bowls after I baked, which is the best part of baking.



I found my daughter’s digital art pieces on my Instagram story that she posted out of utter boredom 🙂