Day 127 7 May – shadows

My daughter organized a beach clean up for one of our local beaches as part of her action project for EMR (Experiencing Marine Reserves). The program educates school children on the importance of marine reserves and the reason why conservation is so valuable for the well-being and prosperity of marine life. They attend snorkeling sessions and then have a final day trip out to Goat Island.

Afterwards the children are encouraged to partake in an action project and my daughter decided to plan a beach clean up as she feels that is a good way to spread awareness throughout the community. She single handedly chose the date, the beach, contacted Keep New Zealand Beautiful and organized recycling bags, rubbish bags and gloves. She circulated flyers within the school and we placed an advertisement on a local community notice board via social media. Although the turn out was smaller than anticipated, they still managed to collect 3 bags of rubbish within the hour.

Late afternoon after all the volunteers had left, my daughter and I went walking along the beachfront placing flyers in mailboxes (again as part of brining awareness to what she wanted to achieve for the day). While walking I couldn’t help notice our shadows against the golden rays of the sun. The sunset highlighted the beautiful greens from the wild grass and I was overwhelmed with a sense of the now. Living in the moment. Loving life.



Turn your youthful face towards the sun, my dear

And all the fearful shadows will fall behind you.


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