Day 126 6 May – Nala


No, not the lioness from The Lion King, but worthy of the name none the less. Nala is my good friend’s dog. She is a rescue, a pit-bull cross and an absolute darling. My friend and her 2 boys were looking for a new family member after they lost their beloved family dog a few years ago. Unfortunately the laws in New Zealand now prohibits pit bull dogs to be adopted due to their ‘violent’ nature. My friend was very fortunate to have met Nala at a time when these laws were still in discussion. Nala came from a harsh background where she received no human interaction, was kept outside and probably seen as a guard dog. She is anything but! She is the first to meet you at the door with kisses galore. She is still young and is learning, but she believes that all visitors are there for her entertainment. She LOVES her belly rubs and is very active. My friend takes her on walks twice a day. She is highly inquisitive and wants to make friends with anything and everything that moves. She is the type of dog I yearn for.

I for one am an advid supporter of rescued dogs. If you find the best suitable dog for you and your family they honestly make the best pets. They have so much love to give and thrive on attention. They often require additional training and patience but they are absolutely worth it. It is as if they are thankful for the opportunity to receive a second (sometimes multiple) chance of a loving home.

*Nala is sometimes listed as being a feminine name of African origin and meaning “beloved”*

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