Day 123 3 May – pass the parcel

“Pass the parcel” is a classic child birthday party game played here in New Zealand. We didn’t know about it until we arrived and my daughter was invited to her first birthday party. The concept puzzled me at first but when you give it some thought, it is actually a kind gesture that all the party goers gets a small gift with 1 big winner (usually the birthday boy or girls if sneakily tweaked).

How to play pass the parcel:

  1. Buy 1 larger gift (be it either a toy/book/lollies/chocolate) and several smaller gifts.
  2. Get your wrapping supplies out. You need enough wrapping paper for all the items you bought.
  3. First wrap the single large gift.
  4. Place one of the smaller gifts on top of the first wrapped gift and wrap it up.
  5. Repeat this process until all of your gifts are wrapped.
  6. When the party guests are ready to play, hand one of them the parcel and start playing music. An adult (or older child) should be in charge of the music to make sure everyone gets a chance to open a gift.
  7. When the music starts the parcel gets passed around the circle of friends. When the music stops, the person holding the parcel gets to open one of the layers and keeps the content.
  8. Repeat the game until everyone has at least received 1 gift.
  9. If you want to give the birthday boy or girl the last larger gift, make sure that they do not get a chance until right at the end to open the parcel 🙂



My post entry has nothing to do with pass the parcel though, but we did receive a HUGE parcel today. My excitement soon faded when I read it was addressed to my daughter and not me. It is all the sponsored gear from Keep New Zealand Beautiful for the beach clean-up she is arranging. I was happy for her though as she is single-handedly arranging this as part of her EMR action project. And every little contribution helps.

What birthday party games were your fav to play?



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