Day 120 30 April – schnips

I have been struggling a lot with hair loss these past few months. I usually loose hair with the change of seasons, but since December last year I am too scared to touch my head as I literally loose hair by the handful. I have naturally curly hair, big spiral curls so I don’t brush my hair very often but I do use my hands as ‘combs’ and daily put them through my hair to loosen the curls. I don’t know if my hair is thinning due to always having it in a bun, or due to having a deficiency. I know iron deficiency, which I suffer from, is a known cause for hair loss but I can’t see how my iron levels could have dropped so dramatically. I am too scared to go to the doctor with this.


Today I had a much needed hair cut and I am hoping that by cutting my hair short (it is a short uneven bob) it will have time to thicken and hopefully grow.

They say a change is as good as a holiday. And those head massages they give when they wash your hair is the best part of visiting a hair salon!

Has anyone had similar problems? Or know of a natural remedy to combat hair loss?


4 thoughts on “Day 120 30 April – schnips

  1. cheyberspace says:

    My hair used to fall out constantly when I was doing gymnastics and had it in a bun 24/7. I had a bald patch on my head where my bun sat. However, I also have low iron levels, so whether that contributed to the hair loss I’m not sure. But what helped was taking my hair out of the bun and leaving it down whenever I could, and now that I’m retired from gymnastics I try to avoid using bobby pins and put my hair up more loosley which seems to help.


  2. Thank you Chey ❤ I have a suspicion it is a combination of the 2 (low iron and tying my hair up all the time) so I am hoping this works 😊


  3. Emmanuel says:

    Thanks for your insightful blog. Actually, it can be a hell if you meet a doctor that is not very artistic. A friend of mine had hair loss issue, after unsuccessful treatments, he finally found the right solution. Click Here to see details.


  4. Thank you for your feedback and advice Emmanuel 😊 I will have a look at it.


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