Day 111 21 April – flying solo


I love airport, there’s always so much excitement filled with a hint of anxiety.



My daughter has been looking forward to this day for the past few weeks! We have arranged for her to visit friends in Tauranga for a few days. She flew out today and what makes this challenging and an adventure is that she flew out by herself. I must admit I was very nervous leading up to her boarding but after seeing how efficient the process is for an unaccompanied minor any fears I had was put to rest. At the check-in they go through thorough security checking, they hand her a security bracelet which gets scanned at each point of her travel and I receive a text message. When the passengers are called to board she is taken separately and escorted by one of the crew members who makes sure she boards the plane.

Luckily the flight is only 40 minutes long which makes it a great start for any future solo flying.



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