Day 107 17 April – retail therapy


My daughter has been asking (nay, nagging) me to go shopping and I completely understand her reasoning behind it. She doesn’t have a lot of clothes as most of it are hand-me-downs from her 2 cousins and unfortunately she hardly fits any of their clothes or has to wait years before they fit. And for a 12, almost 13 year old, clothes do become an important topic of discussion. We don’t place a lot of value on things such as clothes/shoes as I don’t believe much in buying according to labels but it is nice to have an option when choosing your outfit instead of wearing just the same thing over and over again.

It is Easter Monday so I thought that even though shops are open today, it won’t be busy. Was I wrong! We arrived at Sylvia Park around 2:30pm and struggled to find parking. It was an absolute madhouse. I thought most Aucklanders have left the region to find sunnier places to spend Easter weekend. I first took my daughter to have her hair cut, well trimmed but the hair dresser took so much off that it ended up much shorter than expected. And then we hit the clothing shops with as much force as we could possibly muster.


H&M was our first stop. I felt like a sheep following the flock; scrambling, rushing, shuffling, pushed. H&M is known for its trendy yet affordable fashion and they have a tween section which is a favorite among the almost 13 year olds. But this mamma doesn’t agree with most of what is called fashion today. Shirts that look like Op Shop tops that got ripped to pieces and re-sold for triple it’s price. Honestly some of the clothing items have minimal fabric to them, tummies and bottoms sticking out. My daughter was sensible and ended with a dark grey top with open shoulder sleeves and a lovely warm jersey. 


Next up was Dotti where her eye caught a salmon coloured open jersey, one of those you can wrap yourself in during the cold winter days. The more of her body she can cover up the better.

Supré was next on the list and even though this is one if her favourite clothing stores she can’t fit most of the clothes yet. Our final stop was at Dotti  where she managed to find a pair of sneakers which would look fab with her newly purchased jersey.


I was thrilled to be heading back to the car, with a hot chocolate in hand.



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