Day 98 8 April – cookie time


Today I launched my cookie label, Say It With Cookies. I am very fortunate to have my parents support in that I can promote the cookies in their shops. I have been baking these cookies for about 5 years now and have managed to successfully get 5 flavours from them:

  • Triple Choc
  • White Choc & Macadamia Nut
  • Dark Choc & Hazelnut
  • Mint Choc
  • Choc Chip & Orange

I started baking them as a fundraiser for my daughter’s gymnastics when she had a competition in Wellington and we couldn’t financially afford the trip. I managed to sell enough cookies to cover her flight and accommodation for two days. We sold them at her school and at my parents shop.

Since then I have baked them for morning tea work treats, as gifts for special friends and for the just because-our-cookie-jar-is-empty days.

I have thinking of baking them to sell for a broader market but fear, disappointment and doubt always puts a stop to this. I have spoken to my dad regarding an action plan, how to start small and then build once you see an increase in sales. I have made the sums and he has double checked the cost. I bought the ingredients, spend 2 days baking, decorating and filling bags. To promote the cookies I have an Easter themed cookie called Speckled Egg Cookies. They are sweet and crispy from the candy coated speckled eggs.

I will give it a few weeks to see how sales go inside the shop, but ideally I would like to have my product at market places where people tend to be a bit more open to new baking endeavours.

For now, it’s cookies by the dozen.



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