Day 94 4 April – kalicious

A few weeks ago we went out to dinner at a local restaurant and I had kale for the first time. I’ve heard of this greenery before as most cooking series now shows its watchers how to use kale in a hundred plus ways. I was still a bit apprehensive with what it would taste like when the plate was presented to me. They served it deep fried, so it was crunchy, crispy and I must say very tasty. What doesn’t taste good deep fried!

Over the weekend my husband needed baby spinach for a dish he was making. I couldn’t find any at the grocery store so I bought a bag of curly kale. I now understand why there’s such a fuss over it. The serving options are endless. In my husband’s dish the kale was lightly blanched and then added just before serving. There wasn’t much taste to it, but it still provided texture.

Today I decided to incorporate it into the coleslaw salad I was making for the kids’ lunchbox as a wrap filling. In its natural raw state there is a slight peppery taste to it, which adds flavour to the salad. The kids LOVED it and what a great way to get more healthy greens into them.

Experimenting with this green goddess is fully satisfactory.




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