Day 93 3 April – rooibos espresso

Rooibos tea, also known as redbush tea, is a very popular herbal tea. It’s health benefits are that it does not contain any caffeine, it has high levels of antioxidants and has low tannin levels in comparison to normal black tea and even green tea. It is a drink that can be given to infants, the elderly and pregnant women. It is versatile and healthy.

In South Africa, rooibos tea is commonly prepared in the same manner as black tea, and milk and sugar are added to taste.  Several coffee shops in South Africa have recently begun to sell rooibos espresso (which is concentrated rooibos served and presented in the style of ordinary espresso). This has given rise to rooibos-based variations of coffee drinks such as rooibos lattes  and rooibos cappuccinos.


And this is where my photo of the day comes in. We sell not only the rooibos teabags in our shop, but also rooibos espresso. And I can say that it is the best way to drink rooibos tea. It is concentrated, yet not bitter. I make mine in a plunger but you can use it in an espresso machine, a stovetop moka pot or a filter machine. I add froth milk to my drink and serve it as a latte. No sugar is added, but if you do want some additional sweetness you can drop a teaspoon of honey in.

It is the type of drink you can linger on, day dream or enter a full state of relaxation. Put your feet up today and take some time to breath.

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