Day 91 1 April – tick tock


Firstly, happy April’s Fool’s Day! Does anyone have a funny story to share on how they played a trick on someone else?

I have only once played a trick on my sister on April’s Fool’s Day. I can’t remember the year but we were still both living at home. She went out the evening and I decided to play a trick on her. It wasn’t anything to elaborate as I valued my existence. I took a pair of my dad’s shoes and seeing as she didn’t close her curtains before leaving, I placed them on the floor behind the curtain folds just so that the tip of the shoes stick out. I pulled on the curtain folds to make them stand out a bit more, giving the illusion that someone is standing behind the curtains. She would hopefully switch on her light when she gets home and get a fright. Sad to say we both can’t remember what happened next! She reckons knowing herself, she would have gotten a fright. If I’m not mistaken I got a talking to from either her or my mother the following day 🙂

Today is also the last day of daylight savings, as at 2am on April 2nd we loose an hour of daylight. I must say this concept took me a few years to grasp, and my body to catch up on. I find the switch to daylight savings a lot easier than when it ends. Knowing that in a months time we will wake up to darkness and have maybe 10 hours a day of daylight (on days when the sun actually shines) is enough to go into mourning. But this year I am focussing on the positive in all situations so with daylight savings ending comes hearty soup recipes, being wrapped in layers of blankets, having the woodstove heated up with the glow of burning wood and drinking any and every hot beverage known to man.



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