Day 86 27 March – a girl can dream



There is a travel agent inside the shopping centre where our one shop is, and I walk passed their display area adored with colourful travel magazines every day. What a tease!

I have been thinking about travelling for most of my adult life. I have never personally been in a financial position to do it and was too scared after leaving school to pursue it. My first time EVER to leave the shores of South Africa and fly in an aeroplane was in 1999 when my uncle and I visited my aunt and her family in Australia. The trip was more of a positive affirmation from my parents if my rehabilitation at the time is received well. I believe it was during this trip that my fascination over other cultures and food kicked in. I started dreaming of all the amazing and hidden places there are to discover.

The second time I left South Africa was on my honeymoon at age 23, and funny enough this was my husband’s first time in an aeroplane so you could imagine his excitement! We spent a week in Mauritius.

Image result for mauritius map

Mauritius is a whirlwind paradise. As tourist you get to explore, relax, eat fresh local and very tasty produce and feel your worries ease away. But after spending a day out and about with our tour guide, seeing the locals and their poorly built villages and almost non existing road infrastructures, you come to realize the poverty that riddles through this paradise. Their main source of income is based on sugar cane exports and they rely heavily on tourism. We had one taxi driver/tour guide who dedicated all his time to us. Every morning he will be waiting for us outside our hotel, asking where we would like to go next. He was very friendly and spoke with pride of his land and people.


The third and final time I boarded a plane to go overseas was at age 27 when we immigrated. We have spend 9 years to re-built our lives, so there is no finances dedicated to travelling. We have been fortunate to explore some of New Zealand, both the North and South Islands.

My travelling bucket list consists of:

  • Lisse Netherlands to visit Keukenhof
  • Provence France to see the lavender farms
  • New York City to take a walk in Central Park and visit Carlo’s Bakery
  • Rural Italy to visit small villages such as Treviso and Sovanato, experience the Blue Grotto and see the coastline of Amalfi Coast
  • Canada to see Niagara Falls and visit any of the breathtakingly large parks bordering the Rocky Mountains.

I would also like to take a short cruise to our neighbouring islands, such as Fiji, Tonga, Samoa or New Caledonia. The idea of being vulnerable on the open waters and my immense fear of drowning makes this travel plan a little more challenging, but hey, you only live once!

The world is at our fingertips, lets go and explore.







4 thoughts on “Day 86 27 March – a girl can dream

  1. Abbie says:

    There are so many places that I would love to travel to! A girl definitely can dream – one day I hope to get to most of them!


  2. I hope you have an opportunity one day to tick those travelling boxes!


  3. Finally a post with sth else than the blue water and sandy beaches. Wish the locals would see it too.


  4. Thank you 😊 I don’t think I would have wanted to experience it any other way. We spend countless hours with our taxi driver and waiter talking about Mauritius and its people. They truly love their country ❤


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