Day 85 26 March – bella


Our only pet (if you don’t count our only surviving chicken as one), is a hand-raised cockatiel named Bella. We bought Bella approximately 6 years ago when she was merely a few months old. She is our first pet since we immigrated. Well kinda. My daughter did get a goldfish for her 5th birthday from my sister, but Goldie lived a full 6 months before she went to goldfish heaven. We gave her a full burial and service as per my daughter’s request.

Bella adores my husband. I have never seen a bird bond with a human as much as she does with him. Growing up my mom always had canaries and budgies, but apart from singing and/or screeching all day long, they were not tame and never came out of their cage. So seeing Bella be almost human-like is such a treat. She’s in her cage during the night and when we are not home, but other than that she is out. She owns the living areas, the large coach is her private grooming facility and the cushions her bed. We all know when my husband comes home because the minute she hears his car door open she starts chirping, LOUDLY. And when he walks in, she comes running (literally) to greet him. When he moves, she moves. When he eats, she eats. She is very curious and when she hears a potato chip bag crinkle or popcorn being munched, she comes over to steal some. She also hides from anything that moves outdoors, usually behind the dining room table legs.

She is so very special to us all, and we couldn’t imagine our household without her.


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