Day 78 19 March – city of sails

It is that time of the year again, having to organise leotards for this year’s rhythmic competition season. It is unfortunately a costly affair but I have found that if the leotards are made slightly bigger, it lasts at least 2 years. We have always opted for custom designed leotards, suited for not only my daughter’s shape, but also adding to the equipment used and routine theme. Even though New Zealand doesn’t have many designers and seamstress within the rhythmic world (a total of 3 to be exact) to choose from, we have always kept our business within local grounds.

Today we visited one of the designers for a consultation. She had been making leotards to sell for approximately a year but have gained some attention as she not only has New Zealand customers, but also gymnasts from Australia who are ordering her designs. She lives on the North Shore, and the only way to get to that part of the country is to cross the infamous Harbour Bridge. It is a well designed bridge but a nightmare to cross in peak traffic. Thankfully it is Sunday afternoon so you would think the traffic has eased off, right? No! The bridge lanes are very narrow and my anxiety kicks in half way across. The more I focus on staying within my lane the more it seems as if I am getting closer to the barrier. The speed limit is 80 km/h but once on the bridge it feels as if you are travelling a 100 plus. I really don’t like crossing this bridge.


The only good thing though about travelling to the North Shore is seeing the beautiful Auckland city from afar. The Sky Tower stands tall and proud above the rest of the buildings, the harbour buzzing from tourists coming in with the ferry, the crystal blue waters shimmering in the glistening autumn sun and the sail boats adoring the shores. It is always a breath-taking view and I can’t help but feel gratitude for living here. Yes it is very expensive to purchase a home in Auckland, traffic is everyone’s Achilles heel and the population is increasing every day. But in saying that, the greater Auckland offers work opportunities, it has bays, beaches, forestry, hills, mountains, dormant volcanoes, waterfalls, walking tracks, indoor sports and activities, zoos, museums, outdoor domains.

There is always something happening in Auckland and I am loving life in this multi-cultural city of sails.


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