Day 76 17 March – Key Lime Pie

I have always been fascinated by a Key Lime Pie. I have NEVER tasted one before and I had some misconceptions about this pie:

  1. I thought it had tequila in it, you know like ‘1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila, floor’.
  2. I thought it was Jamaican inspired.
  3. I thought it was a green coloured pie.
  4. I thought it sets in the fridge, similar to a cheese cake.
  5. I thought it was a difficult tart to make.

How wrong could I have been!


I found an easy to follow recipe on Jamie Oliver’s website today and decided to educate myself within the realm of baking school. The recipe is all written in pounds and ounces so I bought what I thought is equivalent to grams. I bought way to many ingredients, but at least they are all dry products and will soon be used for other baking adventures. While paying for my shopping, the cashier looked at the huge bag of limes and stated “Are you making a drink from these limes?” I might look like I need a drink today but I said laughingly “No, I making a key lime pie”. She looked intrigued and gave a good-on-you nod.

I thoroughly enjoyed making this pie. I found a small bag of macadamia nuts and incorporated it into my base. I usually deviate from a recipe and this was the only change I made. The rest I followed to the exact measurement. Chef Google is the perfect place to search for pound conversions to grams. The filling, prior to baking, is very similar to a South African tart called a Cremora tart, which is basically a lemon fridge tart, so you can imagine my surprise when I read that the pie is meant to be baked. Once baked, I touched the surface of the pie and it had completely set. After cooling I placed it in the fridge overnight as directed.

The morning of 18 March:


I woke up early to get myself ready for work, and quickly beat the honey and double cream until it formed soft peaks, spread it gently over the set filling and topped it with grated lime zest. I had a very tiny taster before taking some to work with me, and oh my goodness it is divine! Tangy, sweet, creamy with the crunchy base.

1 lime, 2 limes, 3 limes, pie!

2 thoughts on “Day 76 17 March – Key Lime Pie

  1. Oh! This makes me hungry! XOXO New post is up on the blog.


  2. Anything sweet and home-baked makes me hungry 😉 Thank you xx


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