Day 75 16 March – follow the blue path


I haven’t been on a decent walk this entire summer which is shocking and now that we are hitting cooler days and wetter weather going for a lengthy hike is few and far between. This afternoon however I had an urge to go for a walk. And not a short stroll, but a heart pumping, sweat breaking, out of breath type of walk.

Duder Regional Park is a great place to go for a walk. You have an option of 3 trails or you could go for the beach walk when it is low tide. I opted for the shorter 1 hour walk as we have already done it before. Off I went.


It was reasonably quiet and I couldn’t see anyone else on the track. The bush walk is the best part. You are surrounded by greenery and the sweet smell of autumn flowers. The air is fresh and slightly cool against your chest. The chattering of mag pies is an absolutely mystical sound and you can see far across the bay. The flat gravel path becomes a steady hill climb until you reach the second gate. At this point you can veer off and follow the yellow track, but not knowing how long it might take me I stayed on the blue marked track. The surrounding trees with their overhanging branches provides a lovely spot to have a day dream. 


Half way through the walk, still keeping my eye one the marked tracks I lost the blue marker. I’m not sure if I had to turn around and walk back, but from there on out the markers only had red and yellow on them. I didn’t mind taking the longer track but I knew the climb that was ahead. It takes you all the way up the hill to the highest look out point. At this stage my lungs started burning and my knees aching, but once you make it to the top the view is worth the discomfort.


The tracks run through farm lands and the walk down, now following the red marker, takes you through paddocks with sheep and young bulls. The bulls seem to be use to people as they didn’t seem bothered with me trespassing through their field. The track also became very muddy and hard to maneuver as the damage from the flood is clearly visible. You can see where the slips happened which run down approximately 30 metres down the hill.

I finally reached the end, and a walk that is indicated as 1h50m long was completed in just over an hour. It is definitely what I needed! With the sun setting behind me, I head home with a clear head and a rush of oxygen.


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