Day 73 14 March – lettuce wraps


No bread? No problem!

We tend to have this recurring problem at home and that is to run out of bread. And it is not that we really eat a lot of bread either. The only reason we will buy bread is to make sandwiches for the kids’ lunch. I have found that looking for alternative lunch meals for them means that we are slowly moving away from buying bread on a weekly basis. Yes it is easier to just slather something on a slice of bread, but I want to not only be more creative but also give them more substance to get them through a busy school day.

A filled sandwich is yummy as I will pack it to the brim with meat, salad fillings, egg and mayo, but we don’t always have these fresh items in the fridge. Today was such a day, when the fridge was looking a bit empty and I still had two lunchboxes to fill. We had 1/2 a head of lettuce left from the weekend’s salad, so I decided to use the lettuce leaves as the bread. I had freshly cooked and packed chicken in the fridge, so I sliced it up, mixed it with mayo, hard boiled some eggs, placed them on top, wrapped the lettuce up and done. It was so easy!

And with a resounding ‘Please make that again mommy, it was so good” from the kids, I am a happy camper.


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