Day 70 11 March – tiger bread

I brought an avocado to work hoping that I could get a croissant from the bakery and make myself a filled pocket of goodness for lunch time, but there were no croissants available. I walked through the bread isle and spotted an interesting looking bread. It was oval shaped with a patterned crust. At only $3.50 and with a name like ‘Tiger bread’, for the loaf I decided to buy it as it will not go to waste.

I can honestly say that it is THE BEST white bread I have yet tasted. It is soft, tasty and a crust that doesn’t break your teeth when biting into it. I dressed these beautiful little pillow like slices with fresh avocado and it was like eating a cloud (if clouds taste like avo on white bread). I had to restrain myself from devouring the entire loaf.


I had an “Ah-ha” moment when I thought of using the rest of the loaf and make pan fried garlic bread for dinner. It is so easy and quick. I couldn’t wait to get home and start with dinner. We don’t have fresh garlic but there is always a tub of crushed garlic in the fridge. I softened a whole heap of butter, mashed the crushed garlic into it and thickly smeared each slice with the garlic butter. Into the hot frying pan they go, and a minute later you have crunchy, buttery, garlic reeking slices of wholesome soul food.

Hope you have your feel good food today.




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