Day 69 10 March – nap time


I love my naps! My body usually hits a wall by early afternoon and all I can then think of is not what’s for dinner, but instead how good it will feel with my head on a soft pillow while I am all snuggled up underneath the duvet. I find the best naps is when it is raining outside. It is dark outside from the heavy rain clouds and the sound of rain is hypnotic.

Our area has been hit with severe weather over the last 3 days, with floods and loss of livestock creating devastation across the region. Our street alone was completely closed off for several hours due to flooding and students from our school had lost their homes, belongings and livestock. This afternoon the weather forecast looked very grim as more heavy rain was expected.

I curled up on my bed late afternoon and fell asleep instantly. I woke up and it was dark and had already started to rain. I heard noise coming from the kitchen. I wrapped myself up in my warm gown, rubbed the sleepiness from my eyes, and walked with effort to the front of the house. And there was my husband, in the kitchen making dinner. I surely can get use to this.



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