Day 67 8 March – mini pavs

I still had a 1 litre container left of thick whipped cream after yesterdays crème brûlée, because again I don’t read recipes thoroughly. The recipe requested 600ml of cream, so I bought 2x 500ml cream. But at the time of measuring out my brain did not connect to my head and I poured and whipped both containers…now I have an excess of cream. What to do?!? What can I make that will use most if not all of the cream? PAVLOVAS!

I didn’t want to make 1 large pav as we won’t be able to eat it all, so I decided to make mini pavs from scratch. It is super easy to make as you only have 2 ingredients; egg whites and caster sugar. The tricky part again comes with baking it, as you need to drop the temperature when they go into the oven, bake and then switch the oven off with them still in it and let them cool inside. Each recipe I read gave a different baking time variant which wasn’t very helpful. I followed the recipe from Chelsea Sugar which states a baking time of 1 hour. I was unsure about such a lengthy bake time so I set the timer for 40 minutes. Our oven is very temperamental which is fine if you have tried and tested certain recipes, but for a first timer to pavlova, I was literally on edge waiting for the timer to go off.

After 40 minutes I should have switched the oven off and let them cool down as I truly think they were ready, but I didn’t want to go against the recipe, so I switched the trays around and continue baking for another 20 minutes (I did turn the temperate down to about 120°C). Once cooled and out of the oven, I broke the top of each one to make space for the toppings. I could tell that some of them were dryer than other, but they were crunchy and somewhat marshmallow-like inside. For the toppings I added fresh passionfruit to the cream, and topped the cream with plums, blueberries and more passionfruit pulp.


Crunchy and fruity.


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