Day 66 7 March – cappuccino créme

When I get a spontaneous idea in my head it is usually very hard to convince myself to not follow through. During the day I had this thought of making crème brûlée. I have always wanted to try making it but the thought alone of how quickly something can go wrong is overwhelming.

During the current televised season of The Great British Bake Off one of the challenges were to create a crème brûlée. I watched the episode three times trying to understand the making of it, but they don’t usually show the contestants recipes from start to finish, and it still seemed like an immense task. I asked chef Google to find me an easy to follow recipe, and I ended up with Mary Berry’s Cappuccino Crème Brûlée. This was also a good opportunity to add another item to my baking project.

The only ingredient I needed to buy was cream. Now true to my style, I misread the recipe and bought normal cream instead of thick (or double) cream. I had to adjust the recipe and whisked the cream to a thick consistency. The only problem with that is, you whip air into it which surely will effect the outcome of the final product. The rest of the method was very easy to follow and it doesn’t have a lot of steps either. The tricky part is the baking. I placed my ramekins into the water bath and set the timer. It all hangs in the balance!

A few minutes before the timer goes off I peeped through the oven door to see what, if anything, is happening. Now I know what the whisked cream does when baked, it forms a thick froth-like texture over the top which separates from the custard. It looks horrendous but thankfully once the ramekins are removed, it is easy to scoop it off the top and you are left with the crème.

After cooling the custard down and giving it some time to set, I sprinkled brown sugar over the top (as per another recipe’s instruction) and placed it under the grill for about 3 minutes until the sugar crystalizes. I was very doubtful that the custard will be edible but we still gave it a try. And YES it was! It was a little bit thicker than what it should be, but it did NOT separate or scramble. *happy dance*


It was perhaps a little ambitious of me to try add a sharp flavour such as coffee as my first attempt so next time I will try a traditional vanilla crème and work on my technique.


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