Day 65 6 March – owl goes who-o-o


The finished product of my post pen on paper, with a filter adjustment. I forgot how impatient I am towards the end of a sketch…it feels like it will never be completed. I know the sketch has several mistakes but my slightly munted owl looks so cute though. I friend of mine recently suggested that I should consider selling my drawings at our shop, seeing as my focus is on wildlife. I thanked her for her compliment in thinking that my drawings are good enough to sell, but I certainly do not have the confidence to have my work showcased and open to people’s critiques.

When I was younger I didn’t mind showing people my work, as back then for a young teenager what I drew was considered talented. I drew my first owl, which was also one of my first freehand pencil sketches, back in 1997. I remember that I didn’t really use lines to sculpt the drawing, but instead rubbed and smeared the pencil to ‘colour’ the more exposed areas. But even then I had several positive comments on my ability to take a small photograph and turn it into a large drawing.

I have learned a lot since then, and continue to expand my artistic flair. But with age came self-doubt and a lack in self-confidence. Hence I keep my drawings to limited viewers.

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