Day 64 5 March – kitchen improvements

We moved into our current house 3 1/2 years ago. The landlord had a lot of promising envisions for the kitchen, one being the splash back. We reminded him numerous times to have it put in as the kitchen wall is now being plastered with food splatters, and it is becoming a sight for sore eyes. Well, after all this time we finally took it upon our hands, went out and bought the splash back and put it in ourselves. He will eventually reimburse us.

And how it makes a huge improvement to the kitchen. It is glossy, shiny, new and the stained wall in now well hidden. It almost inspires me to keep the kitchen spotless…I said almost!


And what a great way to christen this splash back than to buy Donna Hay’s latest foodie magazine and make something summery, bright and zingy. We are still deciding on what that something will be, but I know it will be delightful.

It might be autumn, but it’s summer in my kitchen.

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