Day 63 4 March – lychee luscious

Saturdays are my not-very-exciting-photo-diary days. Spending 8 1/2 hours in a shop, same location every time, you tend to not have many photo taking moments. The idea of my photo diary project is to highlight a positive event in my day, regardless of the level of excitement or magnitude. It is there to remind me to look for the good in my day, no matter how small or insignificant it might seem to others.

Today a family walked in and their daughter’s each had a container of bubble tea. At first I thought they must have bought it on their way to our shop as there is no such place here selling these speciality drinks. What caught my eye the most is the lid of the drinking container. Each one had a different colourful plastic cover which appears to have an animated face on it, similar to an emoji. Later the afternoon a younger couple came in and they too had the same containers but with what appears to be a slushy type frozen drink. My curiosity got the better of me and I asked the gentleman where did they get the drinks from? “Oh, just around the corner from here, 2 shops up”. Say what??

The minute the costumers left I grabbed my wallet and walked to see if I could find the shop. I had to look twice because even though it was the correct name, Luna Tea, it surely didn’t look like much. If it wasn’t for the window advertisement indicating dessert milk tea and frappes I would have mistaken it for a normal Chinese take-away. I went in and asked if they serve bubble tea. The shopkeeper pointed to a menu with 2 columns of milk tea and a separate column for the frappes or frozen fruit drinks. That was a mistake because I am hopeless in making a decision on the spot. I was unsure if the milk tea was the bubble tea I’m referring too, so I selected a drink from the list of frappes and chose the frozen lychee juice. A few minutes later I received a clear container with a plastic, bright purple emoji-type face as a lid.


The flavour was SO good. The lychee taste was sweet and refreshing. Next time I will be a bit daring and order the milk (hopefully bubble) tea.


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