Day 62 3 March – chai’ish

This morning my daughter requested that I fetch them later from school, as she would like some time to play on the playground. Sometimes I forget that she’s only 12! I had NO problem with that as I already envisioned where I will be spending my extra 40 minutes, after leaving work.


I stopped at a small café in Whitford called The Lime Tree Café. It is somewhat hidden from the main road with the outdoor seating area overlooking a small stream. I ordered a chai laté and a piece of lemon/sour cream cake. It almost looked like a pound cake and I love traditional cakes. You have an option to either sit on the deck where colourful chairs adore small white round tables, or you can sit on the lawn furniture amongst the ducks, literally! Now know where Whitford’s ducks hide out during duck hunting season. They are obviously not threatened by visitors as they calmly sit, heads tucked away under their wing. If you chose the latter, you need to be comfortable with the 90% chance that you will step in duck poop, and having a duck or two wake up and quack as your food is brought out. Waddling underneath the table, one of the ducks gave up on crumbs falling to the ground and joined its sleepy friends in the shade.

I had time to just sit and think of nothing. Not because I have mummy-brain, but because I was at peace. The quiet surrounding helped to be able to switch off. I took a few photos, but other than that I sat, drank my laté and ate the cake, which was huge and I left some for the ducks. Sharing is caring.

Me time got a lot serene.



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