Day 61 2 March – petite rose

Another one of nature’s display of awesomeness!


I took a walk around our very messy garden early this morning to capture the heavy fog that has set in over the hills and paddocks. Typical of March, the fog arrives. I followed some of the spider webs around that hung from tree branch to tree branch like strings of pearls. When I returned to the house I noticed the rose bush with a few unopened buds. It seems like after the heavy storm we had the night before, this beauty of a rose opened up. And it is teeny tiny, not much bigger than the tip of my thumb. I can’t take credit for the rose bush, and I do mean a rose bush as I only have one. I do not have any gardening experience and let plants grow at their own pace. So whatever blooms from the plants are all au naturale.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


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