Day 60 1 March – grey skies

I can’t help but grin at the predicament of the rainy weather we have today … first day of autumn and I literally prepare for a typhoon with raincoats in hand.

Driving home after doing the gymnastics drop off, I noticed the dark grey (nearly black) skies hanging very low over the Hunua ranges. Unfortunately New Zealand is known for it’s wrongly predicted weather forecast, so any  excitement I have in hope of rain is filled with scepticism. Once home I emerged myself in my duvet and cushions and had a little nana-nap, and when I woke up a dark shadow engulfed the house and down it poured. First softly and then with more ferocity.

In my drunken state (from sleeping, not consuming alcohol) I looked out our kitchen window and noticed streams of water on the bark of our giant palm tree. It almost looked like it was weeping from joy, absorbing every little drop of rain. I went outside, took a towel, lay on the wet grass and took this photo. The cool rain perked me up instantaneously and any sleepiness I still felt was replaced by zest.


I sat in the lounge for a while and just watched the heavy rain: how it bounced off the patio table and made the tree branches hang low with heaviness. Rain has an incredible power, not only providing much needed relief from drought, but also washing the earth clean. As a child I was told that between each season you need a proper rain storm to announce the arrival of the season to come, but also to wash clean what dust, drought, fire or frost might have damaged.

Nature is amazing 🙂


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