Day 59 28 February – last day of summer

I feel like crying! Even though we will still have several warm days ahead *fingers crossed* during March, today officially marks the last day of summer in beautiful Aotearoa. There isn’t enough words in the dictionary to describe how much I LOVE SUMMER. The early morning sunlight desperately trying to peek through the curtains into the bedroom, the late evening walks along the beach front, the ice cream buying dash, the slip. slop. slap philosophy to ensure you don’t burn to a crisp, the cicadas buzzing loudly all day long.


This morning was another stunner of a sunrise. Pushing my depressed thoughts aside, I went outside phone in hand, took a deep breath, smiled and took photos of the painted sky. I walked around the back of the house which oversees the polo training paddocks and captured the fog ever so gently forming an eerie layer over the fields. The fog is usually an indication of cooler mornings yet sunny days, and today was just that. I’m glad I took the time to take these photos as it lifted my spirit instantaneously and my day turned out pretty good.

Cheers summer, until next December.



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