Day 56 25 February – cinema under the stars


We didn’t have any plans for this evening as both my husband and I worked today. But we were invited to attend Movies in the Park at Beachlands with my son’s friend and his family. The clouds looked a bit gloomy so we decided we will play it by ear and depending on the weather we will go.

Several trips needed to be made before we arrived at 7:30pm. The sun will only set in a another hours time so we made ourselves comfortable in camping chairs, ate some sosaties, caught up with our friends and my husband took the kids in hand and bought them all ice cream. It was finally dark enough for the movie to be shown on the outdoor big screen, The Secret Life of Pets. I need to confess that I am a HUGE animated movie fan. I ‘chaperone’ my kids to the cinemas only because I don’t want to miss out. My son sat on my lap, all cuddled up underneath the warm blanket.

At some point an aeroplane flew over the venue, and when I looked up, the night sky caught my attention. The dark clouds from earlier are gone and what is left is a crisp clear twinkling sky. I could clearly make out The Hunter with Orion’s Belt. It was so tranquil and I might have lost a minute or two merely taking in my blessings. How fortunate we are to have friends, security, love and acceptance.

Oh, and I SO love Snowball and his rebellious revolution.


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