Day 54 23 February – salad in a jar


In an attempt to keep the kids interested and excited over their school lunches, I decided to make them a salad in a jar. Why a jar? Because I have a shelve stacked with jars but no Tupperware containers to put the salad in.

What at first seemed complicated, turned out to be an easy and effective way to create a salad. The salad jars contained:

  • lettuce
  • cucumber
  • orange capsicum
  • cherry tomatoes
  • carrots
  • feta cheese

They each had a small non-leak container with a balsamic vinaigrette in to drizzle over the salad. I was at first sceptical knowing my son is a bit of a fussy eater and I surely don’t want to waste fresh produce. He was however the first to say how much he enjoyed the salad and that he ate it all! One very happy mother here.

We don’t only eat baked goods 🙂

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