Day 52 21 February – tea time

All my son wanted for breakfast this morning was tea and biscotti, so I channelled my inner hostess and drew inspiration from my ouma who always treated us to a proper sit down high tea. She never disappointed with her morning and afternoon tea treats, served from white porcelain cups and saucers, dainty patterned tea spoons, the glass jug I have in my photo (which I inherited from her) and a plate of delicate sweet biscuits, or perfectly round pikelets filled, and fillings such as jam, cheese and cream.

She taught us to present ourselves with dignity and always be ladylike even though our faces were covered in a mixture of sweat and dirt from the days’ outside activities and our shorts and t-shirt thoroughly worn from playing. We would scrub up and join her and my oupa around the dining room table, enjoying the warm soothing tea and having a handful of the baked goods while my oupa delve into one of his memorable tales from years gone by.

Upon my son’s breakfast request, the kids woke up to the table set with scented candles and the tea and biscotti presented on my African themed tray. My ouma’s tea set is safely packed away in my cupboard, but the kids didn’t mind their animal character mugs.


My daughter’s comment when walking into the dining room, still rubbing her sleepy eyes while warmly wrapped in her gown sums up how their day started “Fancy!” (with a put on British accent I might add).

May you have a fancy-high-tea-sweet-treat kind of day too.

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