Day 47 16 February – when your day starts with paperwork but ends with hot chocolate


Probably one of my pet peeves would be filling in all the forms the kids bring back from school and gymnastics, especially at the beginning of the year. From registration forms, to affiliation forms, to permission slips. And these aren’t usually given to you at night, no, they get handed to you 10 minutes before everyone rushes out of the house. My son often misplace these forms prior to even reaching my hand and panic sets in when the teacher asks for the signed forms.

An ordinary, mundane day: filling out in great hast the above forms, going to work, doing the afternoon gymnastics drop offs, making a shopping list (another dislike), doing grocery shopping, doing the gymnastics pick up. But it did brighten up when my son asked if I will make hot chocolate tonight after he saw the Cadbury Flakes on special during our shopping trip. My husband quickly responded with a “Yes!” and grabbed a handful of Flakes.


Our day ended with a warm cup of hot chocolate in hand while curled up on the couch…nothing ordinary about that.

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