Day 46 15 February – the magic of eggs


I have mentioned before that my kids attend a small rural school, and with rural schools come Ag Day (Agriculture Day) where children are encouraged to raise livestock and they have a choice between a calf, lamb, kid, piglets or chicks. Even though we live on a farm, I am NO farmer! We usually opt for the chicks as they don’t need much space while growing and they are by far the less fussiest to feed. And they are freakin cute. Watching my children take such good care of them and seeing the bond they have is a blessing.

Last year we had chicks again and with a heavy heart decided that we can’t keep them due to our first chook who has been on her own for a few months after her mate died. She is very dominant and aggressive towards other chickens and would most likely kill the youngsters. After much anxiety over where they might end up, my daughter’s one teacher fell in love with them during Ag Day when they had to be showcased. For those who don’t know, during Ag Day chickens are judged on care, condition and perching which means spending as much time with your chicken before hand so that they are comfortable perching on your hand, arm, shoulder…basically any body part that provides a perching spot for them. The chickens/handlers then receive sachets based on their placings and the top chickens then take part in the Champion round where 1 chicken is crowned as Champion chicken. It provides for much excitement in the house when the kids come home with their sachets and my daughter’s chicken made it to the championship round.

Her teacher took 5 chickens home that day! They started laying eggs at the beginning of this year, and seeing as she now gets 5 eggs a day she gave us a small tray today. It was a lovely surprise and there is nothing better than free range eggs from healthy chooks. Eggs are also very versatile when considering what to make when your pantry is running on empty. I could have baked…again, but decided to rather do something savory and made a potato and sausage quiche. Such an easy dinner to put together and it was agreed that the left overs will be lunchbox fillers. You can find the recipe here. I hardly had any of the ingredients and only used potatoes, sausage, flour, eggs, milk and cheese. The baking time was only about 30 minutes, but it could have come out earlier.



Got to love eggs!


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