Day 45 14 February – Persian Love Cake


Happy Valentine’s Day! In celebration of this delightfully love filled day I thought I will be adventurous and attempt a gluten-free cake. In all honesty this recipe was not my first choice, but seeing as I left it too late to hunt down rosewater, I had to turn to an alternative method. My excitement of baking an intriguing and spiced cake soon turned to UTTER frustration and disappointment when the baking time is approximately 15 minutes longer, the warm cake seems to break apart with every move and it deflates to half of its size. I wanted to send the cake with my husband to work, but when I climbed into bed by 11:15pm defeated, I told him that he won’t be taking a cake with as I can’t let people who enjoy my baking creations eat something that looks and possibly is unappetizing.

Now I most definitely overreacted and put the “cart in front of the horse” as my ouma would have said. The aroma of nutmeg is calming and it really does smell amazing, but it is not a pretty looking cake at first. I am glad I didn’t follow through on binning the cake because this morning (I baked the cake late last night), after letting it cool overnight, it was fine to work with. It had set and because there is no raising agent or flour in, it is a bit dense. I spread lemon icing over and for decorative measures sprinkled the pistachios around the edge of the cake. I had to try this cake to be certain it is edible, which is exactly what I did…for breakfast! I served it with a large scoop of unsweetened Greek yogurt, and it is worth the hassle and subtle cursing.


I think this should be classified as a speciality cake because not everyone eats or enjoys spiced cakes, but I must admit that I don’t mind the fact that it is gluten-free. Now baking is just not the same without butter, milk, sugars and proper flour, but if I have to choose one of these items to be absent from my pantry/fridge it will be flour. I have already attempted to replace 1/3 of my muffin recipes flour content with almond meal and thus far the kids, and my husband don’t mind the taste. We’ve also decided not to send the rest of the cake in with my husband as after he tasted it (and liked it might I add) said that he doesn’t think the people, especially the men, are into gluten free spiced cakes but rather sweet chocolate cakes, the kind I usually bake.

Oh well “back to the drawing board”, she says while she stuffs her mouth with another bite of spiced cake.


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