Day 43 12 February – bbb (buzzy bumble bee)

Today I spend the afternoon with my two lovely friends and previous work mates (the same vibrant ladies from my entry Gourmet Pizza) and once again they provided entertainment and a sense of acceptance. We went to the Howick Historical Village for a venture back in time during the fencible period, when the Royal New Zealand Fencible Corps was posted in Howick to defend the area against possible attacks. Volunteers dress up and act out how life would have been for the settlers and soldiers. There are 33 houses or sites to visit and even though the grounds are not very big, you almost feel as if you are intruding on their land and way of living. It is a fascinating event and one I would love to take my children to.

One of the sites you can visit is the main homestead, which is a magnificent old villa with all its original interior kept in tact. When we walked into the living room I imagined the room filled with neutral floral hoop dresses, awaiting young gentlemen on the dance floor, while a musician played a popular classical piece on the piano. You are surrounded by 1800 ambience and it is bone chilling realism.

During our walk through the village, my eye caught an unfamiliar plant and flower. While I was admiring the plant, I noticed a bumble bee waste deep into the open flower covered in pollen droplets and thoroughly enjoying his sweet feed. It was too precious not to take a photo. The bee was oblivious to the giant imposter and happily carried on with his pollen collecting duties.


After our village visit we took a drive to the marina where we ate at one of my favourite eating places called Grangers. I chose the potato skins with parmesan, porcini and truffles and accompanied with passionfruit and feijoa cider. Oh wow, this was the first time I’ve had truffles and I LOVE the smokey, woody taste. It transform a dish giving it a depth of bursting flavours, like woodland fairies dancing on your tongue. The marina is buzzing from excitable visitors, everyone enjoying good food and even better company. We ate, drank and laughed.


But still, how cute is that tubby bumble bee!



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