Day 40 9 February – frozen grapes

I saw one of my daughter’s friends post an Instagram photo at the beginning of the summer season where she was eating frozen grapes. It looked so cool and refreshing but I couldn’t imagine what the texture must be like. Two weeks ago I was scrolling through some back to school recipes and lunchbox ideas when I came across a handy tip for keeping lunchboxes cool during a very warm February: put a small zip lock bag with washed and frozen grapes in the lunchbox. Not only will it keep the lunchbox cool but it will also provide a chill morning tea snack. So today I did just that. I placed a bag of grapes in the freezer and added it to the one of the smaller container of the lunchbox. the kids didn’t know they were frozen so it was an interesting surprise.

I now have a nasty cough accompanying my head cold and my health deteriorates by late afternoon. I had some spare frozen grapes in the freezer and after the evening gymnastics pick-up, I had a small bowl of the grapes. It was so good and definitely needed to sooth my sore and scratchy throat.




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