Day 39 8 February – school leader

*I will uploading a photo soon*

Today my daughter was appointed as Head Girl for 2017! We are incredibly proud of her efforts and dedicated hard work within the school. She is always very excited over new challenges and looks forward to learn from her leadership duties. She is a good role model and always strives for the best results.

I honestly can’t believe my daughter is in her final year before her High School career starts. When I was younger (and her age) school was a means of socialising with my friends, not studying. I can’t remember that I ever completed my homework nor listened is class. I was send to the principals office several times (when corporal punishment was still applied) and the teachers knew me as “the talker”. I wasn’t a trouble maker, but my thoughts were always somewhere else instead of at my work. I had a very large group of friends and I loved my sports: athletics, gymnastics and cross country. I was never particularly good at the last mentioned but I would rather run 3km across rural terrain than sit for an hour and do homework. Oh and I should mention that my mother didn’t know I participated in cross country until half way through the competition season. I use to be in after school care as my mother worked full time, and it was during the afternoons that I would run for the school at competitions. I was always very nervous as there were times the bus would arrive back at school with just a few minutes to spare before my mother pitched up. She discovered my teeny tiny secret when the school rang her and told her I forgot my sports uniform, and the bus leaves shortly before school is dismissed. It was too late for her to pull me out from the competitions and I was able to complete the season.

I was also not selected for leadership…no surprises there! I desperately wanted to be as I thought my school performance on both the sports and cultural fields was sufficient. Apart from being a good sports person, I sang in the choir and always volunteered for the Landdiens group (which is basically similar to scouts). We went on outdoor excursions, learned about natural resources and competed against other school on 3 day camps. Apparently our teachers didn’t agree with my reasoning. They needed school leaders who perform with excellence on all fields and also interact with the younger students, whereas I only surrounded myself with my peers. At least several of my friends were leaders and my best friend became head girl, so I was always in their company and didn’t feel as if I am missing out on any new developments within the school.

I am grateful that my daughter follows her own way through life, and she seems to be doing just fine.

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