Celebrating Waitangi Day


I’ve mentioned a few times that my family and I immigrated to New Zealand and even though we are now citizens, Waitangi day doesn’t have the same historical and emotional meaning to us as it does to the locals. This however is my tribute to our nations celebratory day:

You, people of beautiful Aotearoa; the countrymen, leaders, youth, neighbours, politicians, are blessed to have the blood of the New Zealand ancestors run through your veins. She has fed you, provided you with materials to cloth yourself. She has carved walkways to forests, beaches, hills and cities for your comfort. She is an untouched beauty crafted over years to exuberate perfection.

We, the immigrants from countries where corruption, violence and war reigns, admire the strength, unity and solitude she provides for her people. We have adopted her as our sister, mother, aunty, as we long for our distant family. She has embraced us as one of her own. She, the breathtakingly and adventurous New Zealand.

We have freedom, we have Aotearoa!


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