Day 34 3 February – revival

Several weeks ago my husband was mowing the lawns and noticed what he thought was a large weed growing in the flowerbed. It is safe to say that the weed didn’t get see the sunset. Early that evening I went outside to collect some eggs when I noticed the Christmas Lily is gone! I looked in disbelief at the non existing stems, and thought ‘surely my husband wouldn’t have mowed over it?’ But he did. I was disappointed so say the least and upset. They were very close to forming buds, which blooms around Christmas time. I know they are only flowers, but I honestly felt like sobbing.

About 3 weeks ago I noticed a stem peeking out of the soil…surely not…it can’t be the Christmas Lily? A few days later once the stem started growing leaves I could tell that it was indeed the precious flower. I was hoping that it’s not too late for it to bloom. Over the weekend it formed a bud and this morning my daughter came rushing into the house after feeding the chicken and with great excitement announced that the flower has bloomed. I was so happy and I knew that it was going to be my photo of the day. It is majestic, pure and elegant.


This afternoon I couldn’t stop thinking about this plant, this single, lone standing, young plant. How it survived being torn up, shredded, hurt. How above all odds it grew, even though smaller than what it would have been. How it was revived through nutrition, water and sunlight. How it survived. Our mental health struggles are very similar to this phenomenon. Our disorders destroy us, strip us from our identities. But when we allow for healing we have an opportunity to grow again. And once we bloom, we are magnificent.

Next year, if it remains unharmed, the Christmas Lily will have a supportive shrub and more stems which will produce more buds. The same applies to us. If we take care of ourselves, feed our minds with positivity and our bodies with nutritional substance, we too will have opportunities to expand creatively, think clearly and make progress.

May your day be filled with rejuvenation.

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