Day 32 1 February – back to school


The day finally arrived, back to school for my two! My daughter is walking in as a year 8 senior student, her last year at intermediate and my son is a year 6 student and his last year of primary school. They attend a full primary, which means they can complete their intermediate years there instead of moving to a new school.

I was up early this morning to make and pack their lunchboxes, sorting their school uniforms and checking their stationery. After I felt confident that all was organised, I made myself a cup of tea, grabbed one of the oats biscuits and sat in the lounge, watching the kids make their breakfasts. I looked up at my daughter as she came in to sit with me, and my heart absolutely sank. I couldn’t believe how much she has grown. Apart from the fact that she is tall (7cm more to go and she’s outgrown me!), she’ll be turning 13 this year and she’s confident, funny, intelligent and talented. How is it that 12 years have flown by so quickly? I still remember when she started kindy, at 18 months old. The hugs, the giggles and yes the tantrums. I sat there fighting back the tears. Tears of disbelief, tears of pride and tears only a mother will understand. Watching both my children grow up is a blessing and an honour. I will value their impact on my life with gratitude and adoration.

My message to them while driving to school was to make the most of this year’s opportunities. Don’t look back, learn as much as you can and take on all challenges with a positive attitude.

Bring on 2017!



2 thoughts on “Day 32 1 February – back to school

  1. robyn foulks says:

    This gave me chills. I can only hope for a day when I have my own kiddos and get to see them grow up, and experience the moments you get to with your kids.


  2. Thank you Robyn ❤ I believe that our lives consists of seasons. Time to learn and grow, time to slow down and rest, and then there are times to heal and progress. If I didn’t take the time to heal my body, I wouldn’t have had an opportunity to enjoy my children as much as I do now.


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