Day 31 31 January – snacks

I spend most of today getting the kids’ school gear ready. I am slightly unorganised, as per usual, at the last moment realising that I don’t have labels for their covers, nor do I have enough covers for my son’s books as I am recycling last years covers. So they might be attending their first day back at school half ‘n half packed, but if there is one thing they will certainly have, which is a full and healthy packed lunchbox.

I found some tasty and easy back to school recipes while browsing the world wide web of baking. I made two varieties today, a natural no bake bliss ball and baked cookies. The Avocado Bliss Balls  was a first for me as I have never made energy or bliss balls before, but I was recently inspired by a lovely friend after reading her blog entry Energy Bite Adventures and I am amazed at how quick they are to put together. The avocado is a bit of a strange taste to add but I do love the flavour. Luckily one of my children think so too.

The Oatmeal, Coconut and Raisin Cookies on the other hand are absolutely delicious! Crunchy, wholesome goodness. I didn’t have enough golden syrup so I used the remaining organic brown rice syrup I bought for our nut and seed bars, which is a healthier replacement for any sweet syrup.


Good, honest and healthy baking for new school adventures.


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